The New Sivasubramaniyar Hindu Temple Project

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The new Hindu temple is being built at Karen Platous Vei 4, Rommen in Oslo. The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on the 7th of June. Bård Folke Fredriksen, the junior minister for the cultural affairs, Anders Rødberg Larsen of the labour party and Oslo municipality and Kjell Veivåg, along with other local politicians from Stovner local council were our honourable guests for the ceremonies. The success of these events has prompted Norwegian Hindus in getting their own temple.

The project

The temple is built on 42,200 square meters (4,4 mål) of land in Rommen, Oslo. The land was acquired for 2.7 million NOK from the Oslo Municipal Council in 2011.

The architectural temple drawings were created by both Padmasri Muthaiah Stapathy in Chennai India and Norwegian architect Frihjof Wise. According to Hindu Architecture, the Norway Hindu Cultural Centre will be the very first temple to reside on the Northern Hemisphere.

We have signed a building contract with the entrepreneur company Håndverkerkompaniet AS. The contract is worth 60 million NOK, which excluding the main tower. According to the plan from the entrepreneur, the temple should be completed within 18 months.

The building project consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: Cleaning the property, digging, piling and building the supporting wall between the golf court and the temple.
  • Phase 2: Raw build. The concrete walls are to be manufactured and transported to the building site, along with the roof, windows and doors. An enclosed building will stand after the completion of phase 2.
  • Phase 3: Electrical work, ventilation, water/sanitary and construction of parking space.

Project progress

The first phase of the project was completed in in December 2017 which including detailed engineering. The cost of this phase was NOK 15 million

Current situation

Approximately 580 families have promised donations to this project. Approximately half of the donors have willingly contributed their share. The remaining donors will contribute and support the project towards the beginning of phase 2.

We need to collect 12 million NOK to continue the second phase within January 2018. If we can’t deliver 12 million bank guaranties to the building company, the project will have to be postponed. The bank has claimed to provide NOK 20 million loan for phase three, on the condition that both phase 1 & 2 is financed on our own.

Support fom everyone

As this is temple will be an important addition to Oslo’s cultural diversity and will function as a meeting place, we’re asking everyone if they are able to make a contribution. We have plans to involve the local community by organizing activities such as yoga, vegetarian cooking classes, senior meetups and more.

Important notice

We have to vacate the premises on Ammerud within 20th of June 2020, and therefore the new temple has to be completed prior to June 20, 2020.